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Communications System Repair & Data Cabling in Allentown, Pennsylvania

AT&E Services helps customers with telecommunications equipment, phone wiring, fiber optic cables, and voice data cabling. We serve a range of telephone systems, providing the communications services you require. Contact us for a free analysis of your total communication costs.

System Install & Service
When you have a problem with your voice or data cabling system, let us know and we'll repair it for you. Same-day services are available for communication system repairs, while appointments are set for new installs.

Complete System Designs
Prior to design, we come to you and determine your needs, researching your current system. We then wire the entire floor or building accordingly.

Fiber Optics Services
These cabling services are available within a plant or building. Fiber optics are used to get information into your structure before being sent to a network.

Computer and Phone, Data Cabling in Allentown, PA

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Voice Data Services
For voice data systems, we wire within your building from the main phone system or main unit. Cabling includes categories 3, 5E, and 6.
Data Cabling
We provide category 5E+ and category 6 datacabling for computer needs. This includes DSL and T-1 services.
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